my life, my journey, my world

my life, my journey, my world

Tiup lilin dirumah

16 Nov 2014

3 years ago at 8.30 am , me and your father went to clinic for weekly check up and had a plan to go working afterwards.
For the beginning, the result was OK but later the doctor said that the CTG graph was not good and you have to born on that day.  We didnt have any choice , except  taking me to the hospital at 10.30 am, after 22 hours waiting, you were born.

I still remember how I felt when I saw you for the first time. It was amazing and you were so cute. And I realized from that moment, you changed my world ^^.
I watched your growth day by day and I didnt want to miss every moment. Your first responsively smiley, sitting, munching, crawling, and speaking. When I saw you were walking for the first time .. I felt glad finally you walked because I was a lil’ bit worried bout that and then you were jumping following running.. suddenly this world is yours.  Even my head became your foot, and my foot bacame your head.

You are a million things that I’ve never imagined before. I know I always think that I am not the best mother for you , but the way you look at me tells the opposite.
Happy 3rd birthday my little prince, May Allah keep you healthy as always , I know I wont always get to be right but I’ll always be here for you



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