my life, my journey, my world

my life, my journey, my world

About Us

Early morning On July 25, 2010 , imam said to me that he wanna come to my village “padang my beloved city”  with his parents */How happy I am on that day . And on July 31, 2010 truthfully he came to my house and introduced him self & his parents. Finally the conversation became seriously . After Lebaran days  the decision was coming , engaged came out at the end of December 2010 after my parents came back from Hajj in Mecca and the reception also holy matrimony will be held Feb or March */depended on building booking condition

During the process, there were a lot of tears and meltdowns, a lot of stress and, yes, some moments of pure bliss.This blog began as a way for me to recount the true story of the wedding preparation process.


My name is Ice, and I love to write, so it just makes sense to chronicle my experiences here for everyone to see.



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